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28th September 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The children at Priory from Reception all the way up to year 6 have had fun christening our new tech room this week, while contributing to a great cause.  We then hosted a coffee morning today to raise money for Macmillan and had a great turnout.  Thank you to all of you who came to chat and socialise with us.









New tech room

We are really happy with our new tech room – it has ovens and sinks as well as other equipment and workspace.  This means we will be able to learn more things at Priory instead of going to other places to use their equipment.  This week we used it to cook for the Macmillan coffee morning.  It’s a fun room to use and it looks all shiny and new!

By Yuxin

5th July 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018

Virtual Orchestra

Year 4 went to see a virtual orchestra on Tuesday 3rd  July  . It was down by the river in Bedford.  We went into a tent and we watched some videos of orchestras playing instruments. After that, we wore virtual goggles and became part of a show. They played different instruments. Then we came back at lunch time very hungry. It was really fun.    By Yasmin

Marston Vale Visit

Year 1 went to Marston Vale on Thursday 28th June. We walked to the train station. We collected the tickets and went on the train. It was a really good journey although it was too hot. The year ones got off the train and waited on the bridge.  Then Steve from the Forest Centre came and took us to the Forest Centre .  At the Forest Centre we had a scavenger hunt and were trying to find caterpillars.  There were different types of them which is so cool. Then the teacher took us to a pond to pond dip and find insects. We picked them up with a landing net and put them in a box. We looked in a book to see which ones we had caught.  Then we had a quick drink before another activity, which was to find leaves.  We had to find as many leaves as we could that were listed on a sheet of paper. Then we stopped to have our lunch. Then we had a sheet of sticky paper where we could pick bits of flowers and leaves and stick it to it. It was a good day even though it was hot!        A joint report by Sondos and Amina


28th June 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Warwick Castle

On Tuesday 26th June, years 3 and 4 went to Warwick Castle. We had so much fun. We went up on the Castle wall. It was really scary and fun. When we got on the Castle wall it was kind of funny because people were scared, then they were enjoying themselves after. Guess how many steps there were? 500 steps up and 500 steps down in each…that’s 1000 steps! My legs were hurting the next day. It was such a fun day!  By Rahid

On Tuesday 26th june, years 3 & 4 went to Warwick Castle and went to the dungeons!! The only way to go in was through a little flap in the ground. Inside the dungeons it smelled like the sewers. It was dark and gloomy and creepy, actually very creepy. There was a little pit in the  floor  where the prisoners where tied up and thrown down. If I were you I wouldn’t do crimes or bad things back then because you would not like it down in the old smelly gloomy and creepy pit, really you wouldn’t! I hope you  enjoyed my blog.  By Oli

On Tuesday 26th of June, years 3 and 4 went to Warwick Castle. It was so much fun; there were so many things to do like going to the store, getting lost in time and seeing the trebuchet FIRE! They launched a 180kg rock and the trebuchet weighed 22 tonnes! The trebuchet was used to break down castle walls and it was amazing to see the trebuchet fire. I hope no one got hurt. There were only four people able to wind the trebuchet and fire it. It was so much fun there and all the classes came back safely.  By Jabir

21st June 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Extra Tennis Coaching

On Tuesday 12th June a professional tennis coach called Nim visited and taught year 5 simple skills. For example; we had to be able to catch the ball on the racket without it bouncing, we had to drop the ball using the racket and catch it using the racket too and other cool things like that. At the end we played a game where you had a cup, and Nim would use a racket and hit a ball towards you, and if you caught it in the cone you got a point.  He did this twice one after the other then the team with most points won. It was fun. I hope we get to do that again.   By Fatimah

Sports Day

On Wednesday 13th June 2018 years 2-5 went to Livingstone Primary School for their Sports Day. It was held on their field {as part of our Healthy Schools Week}. In each class there were 4 groups; they were England, Brazil, Germany and Portugal. There were 5 activities which were sprinting, relay race, obstacle race, vortex and egg and spoon race. 3 people in year 5 threw the vortex really far. At the end all the groups came together and we all did a sprint and the teachers did it too!   By Humaira


14th June 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

R.N.L.I. Visit

On Thursday 7th June, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution came to do an assembly about the latest and the first lifeboat. The first lifeboats were made of wood and over the years they were replaced by ones made of metal. In some places, they have a shed to keep the lifeboats in and they have something called a slipway in front of the shed. A slipway is flat, sloping surface to get the lifeboat into the water easily. The R.N.L.I save people from the sea or the ocean and their latest one is a small inflatable boat because it makes some rescues easier.   By Rayhan U

Bunyan and Shakespeare

On Thursday 14th June, Year 5 visited the John Bunyan Museum. We watched a man do a play called Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The man played all the characters, like Macbeth, L. Macbeth, Banquo and many more. The play that the man did was funny and amazing! Sharnbrook School was there also.   By Yousuf