10th May 2018


In year 4 we have been learning about trebuchets. A trebuchet is a bit like a big catapult and we are hopefully going to see one in real life at Warwick Castle. I really hope so. We even have one in our class but it’s actually a little one. We tested it using a ball and a rock and it works. We thank Mrs Webber‘s dad a lot for making this for us. We thank you so much. It makes our work at school so much fun.      By Jaynell







Police Visit Priory

On Tuesday 8th May, 3 police women came to our school to talk about safety. They said if we ever felt hurt or threatened we could talk to our family, friends or the police. We learned about how to keep safe and keep out of danger!  They asked a few questions about how we could keep safe if we weren’t with our parents and we talked about ‘safe strangers’. We also talked about good scared (rollercoasters) and bad scared (feeling threatened). We should always try to keep ourselves safe!  By Demi