11th May 2017

Scrumdiddlyumptious Shopping Trip!

Year 3/4 had an Easter competition which involved writing about our favourite author and the books they wrote and the reasons why we liked them.  Sumayah, Waheeda and Kashvi won. We won the chance to buy 600 pounds worth of books for our new KS2 library. We were allowed to pick the books that we wanted to have in our school. Some of the books that we got were Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Cherry Crush, The Twits, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Vampire Head Teacher, The rude dinner lady, Lego,  I can cook books, Pokemon, How to learn football and Ninjago books. We can’t wait until Year 5 when we get to read our new books!  By Sumayah

E-cadet update

I have interviewed one of the E-cadets named Raadia about what they have been up to this week.
They have been busy teaching Year 3 how to be safe online and while using websites like; Kid Rex, Kid Mode, Paws Explore and Duck Duck Go. They have been teaching the Year 3 that if anything just pops up on the Internet and they don’t like it, they should first close down the screen and then go and tell an adult.  Good advice for everyone to follow!  More updates soon..    By Arifa