14th June 2018

R.N.L.I. Visit

On Thursday 7th June, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution came to do an assembly about the latest and the first lifeboat. The first lifeboats were made of wood and over the years they were replaced by ones made of metal. In some places, they have a shed to keep the lifeboats in and they have something called a slipway in front of the shed. A slipway is flat, sloping surface to get the lifeboat into the water easily. The R.N.L.I save people from the sea or the ocean and their latest one is a small inflatable boat because it makes some rescues easier.   By Rayhan U

Bunyan and Shakespeare

On Thursday 14th June, Year 5 visited the John Bunyan Museum. We watched a man do a play called Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The man played all the characters, like Macbeth, L. Macbeth, Banquo and many more. The play that the man did was funny and amazing! Sharnbrook School was there also.   By Yousuf