15th March 2018

Science Week

This week is Science Week so we have been making lots of things and doing experiments. Year 5 went to the Bedford Free School to take part in experiments and they have also been making fossilised poo.. eurgh!! (using flour salt oil water and paint) phew!! Year 2 have been learning about how circuits work using batteries and bulbs. On Friday at the end of the day we will be taking goodie bags home so we can continue making stuff like making our own slime, catapults, cress heads and much, much more. Oh I almost forgot! On Monday in our assembly Mrs Webber put vitamin c into coca cola and it EXPLODED!! Cooool!!       by Olivier


On Wednesday 14th,  the year 5’s went on a trip to Bedford Free School. We had to find out ‘who stole the Queen’s  diamond’. We had 3 suspects, Mr Sparkles, Mr Burns and Mr Dastardly and had 4 experiments which gave us clues to finding the thief. To be safe we had to wear safety goggles and aprons. The first experiment was that you had to hold a blue glass in front of your eyes and with your pair of tweezers, get a piece of magnesium and put it on a flame. The second experiment was to put an acid onto a plate and add universal indicator to change the colour. The third experiment was to put a piece of magnesium into an acid and then someone would put a flame inside and it would make a pop sound. The fourth experiment was to get a lolly stick and dip it in water and put powder on it and then put it on a flame and find the green flame. There were 4 different powders. We looked at all of the clues and the thief was MR SPARKLES!!!  It was a fun trip and very interesting and educational. They said we were very well behaved and they will be inviting us back again!! By Zara

Club Day

On Tuesday the 13th March it was CLUB Day which stands for Culture, Language and Understanding Backgrounds. Mrs Wakeling had organised activities for 8 countries. The countries were England, Bangladesh, Latvia, Turkey, Malawi, Romania, Poland and Germany.

In England we had to do a dance called the pat a cake polka.

In Bangladesh we played Kabaddi and we were in pairs and had to take a tag off our partner and hold it in the air. Then we were put in pairs and one of us was number 1 and number 2. The number 1s were put in a group and the number 2s were put in a group. We had to run onto the other groups side and tag somebody without them taking your tag off.

In Latvia we played handball and had to find a cone and sit on it. Then we had to find a partner and the teacher put balls on the cones and we had to knock them over by throwing a ball.

In Turkey we had to do a folk dance and we had to stand in a group and hold hands while doing the dance.

In Malawi we had to colour in animals that are native to that country.

In Romania we had to sew animals heads and make patterns with wool.

In Poland we had to cut off paper clothes and stick them onto a paper man or woman’s body.

Finally, in Germany we made hats out of paper and we also learnt a song in German.      By Madekh