16th November 2017

Artist Visit

This week an artist named Susan came to our school and asked us to think about a happy place that we would like to be in. We drew a rough sketch of our happy place and then we got given a black permanent marker to go over our main objects on Perspex. We turned over our Perspex and painted our objects with acrylic paint. We did our background on a piece of card and painted it with acrylic paint.  We let it dry and then the next day we had to glue down the background to the Perspex. To be honest they looked amazing!   By Natassya

London Philharmonia Orchestra Visit

Some musicians from The London Philharmonia came to visit Year 4 on Monday. They helped us to sing a song and perform it to year 1. One of the girls called Charlotte played the violin and one of the boys played the trombone. We also got to play with drums and tambourines. Very exciting! By Yaqub