17th January 2019

KS1 Pantomime Trip

On Friday 11 January, Years 1 and 2 went to the pantomime in Milton Keynes to watch Robin Hood. They travelled by coach to get there and to come back. Whilst they were watching, they had ice-cream and they sometimes wore 3D glasses.  Milosz says that his favourite part was when Robin Hood was disguised as a fat women and bumped into the villain!        By Halima

KS2 DT project

Before Christmas, we had a sleigh donated. When  Christmas was over, we decided to repurpose it; everyone on each table had to choose a vehicle to make out of cardboard to put on the sleigh for the nursery children to enjoy.  On my table, we chose to make a modern train. The things we used were cardboard, PVA glue and the paint colours we used were metallic silver, white and blue. When we were finished, we let the nursery children play with the modern train and they loved it and the teacher was so thankful for it. The other vehicles that are being made for the children include an aeroplane and a convertible car.  It was such a fun project!   By Sumayah