19th April 2018

Ark Farm Visit

On Thursday 19th April, Nursery and Reception got to meet the animals from Ark Farm. They were situated in the nursery play area. There were 2 goats, 3 lambs, a donkey, a black pig, 5 chickens, 3 ducks and a dog [a golden retriever]. 2 ladies from Ark Farm came and gave a talk and told interesting facts about the animals to the children. They loved seeing the animals up close and were even able to stroke them if they wanted.    By Agyeiwah

Rounders Club

In rounders club we practiced catching and we were put in pairs of 2.  We had to throw the ball to each other and catch it and if we caught the ball we had to move a step back.  Then our teacher threw balls and all of us had to catch them and the tennis balls were worth 1 point and the rainbow ball was worth 2 points. Finally we were put in 2 teams and we had a race and it was a tie and I had a lot of fun. These are all skills needed to play rounders so it’s good that we are practising them.     By Madekh