19th May 2016

Davis Cup

On Tuesday 17th May Year 3 went to see the Davis Cup which is a very important cup as England won it for the 2nd time. We also had some teachers teach us how to play tennis. We were allowed to have our photo taken with the cup. Then we had some time left so we played on the grass which was very soft we had a great time.

Key Stage 2 Sports Competition

On Wednesday 18th May year 4 and 5 children from year 3 went to the Bunyan Centre to take part in a sports competition. There were lots of other schools there. Before we started we had to eat our lunch. When we had finished Mrs Wakeling put us into 3 groups and we all did different sports. One group did golf, one did quick cricket and the other group did 7 little activities. We all had lots of fun learning new skills.