20th April 2017

Red Nose Day

On Friday 24th  March it was Red Nose Day.  We wore clothes from home and the theme was mix up which means we could wear any clothes that didn’t match. Some people wore red noses, red wigs and some people wore red clothes and shoes and most of all it was fun to play in our home clothes. We raised £108 for Comic Relief which will go to very good causes.

Shakespeare Performance

On Monday 3rd April Year 4 and 3 of the Year 3s performed a very funny play called A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This play was written by William Shakespeare. There were a lot of funny parts but the funniest part was when Rayhan had to put a donkeys head on. We had been practicing this play for 6 weeks and had help from Keith our drama teacher. Thank you to all the parents/carers that came and showed their support at Rutland Road church hall. By Lucrezia

Gurdwara Visit

On Thursday 21st April Year 4 went to the Gurdwara in Queens Park. It was very exciting. In the Gurdwara you always have to take your shoes off and you have to sit on the floor so that everyone is equal. There are 3 special rooms in the Gurdwara, the langar which is the kitchen where they make vegetarian food for visitors, the prayer room, and the guru’s bedroom which has a four poster bed. Boys and girls have to cover their hair.  When it was break time we had orange juice or mango juice which was very tasty. We had a very good morning and learnt a lot about Sikhism and their music. By Farhan