21st June 2018

Extra Tennis Coaching

On Tuesday 12th June a professional tennis coach called Nim visited and taught year 5 simple skills. For example; we had to be able to catch the ball on the racket without it bouncing, we had to drop the ball using the racket and catch it using the racket too and other cool things like that. At the end we played a game where you had a cup, and Nim would use a racket and hit a ball towards you, and if you caught it in the cone you got a point.  He did this twice one after the other then the team with most points won. It was fun. I hope we get to do that again.   By Fatimah

Sports Day

On Wednesday 13th June 2018 years 2-5 went to Livingstone Primary School for their Sports Day. It was held on their field {as part of our Healthy Schools Week}. In each class there were 4 groups; they were England, Brazil, Germany and Portugal. There were 5 activities which were sprinting, relay race, obstacle race, vortex and egg and spoon race. 3 people in year 5 threw the vortex really far. At the end all the groups came together and we all did a sprint and the teachers did it too!   By Humaira