21st September 2017

My name is Olivier! Today in my blog I will be talking about the new Year 4/5 building. We have 2 massive classrooms they are much bigger than our old classrooms. We also have new toilets for boys, girls and a disabled toilet that teachers use too. We can’t wait for the lockers and sofa to come and the chocolate fountain that Mrs Wakeling promised us . We have a new private library only for years 4 and 5 with new books and encyclopaedias. We also have a little area outside to enjoy when the weather allows it. I really like the new building, it is awesome! By Olivier


My name is Humaira and now I’m now in year 5. I will be talking about being the first class to be in year 5. We are so lucky. There is two new classrooms. Everything is brand new. So many new things have happened already. As we are the first children to be in year 5 we have new tables, new chairs, a sofa (so lucky), new toilets, a new cupboard, new books. Soon we will have lockers to put our coats and bags in. We have a little play area to play in too when the weather is nice. Our year 5 teacher is Mrs Egdell. She is a kind good teacher. My favourite part about Mrs Egdell is she makes good rules up. So many new things are going to happen. I can’t wait for our school trips because we don’t know where we are going yet!! By Humaira