22nd March 2018

Science Week

Last week was Science Week. On Friday 16th March we invited our parents and carers to come and take part in our science with us. In year 5, we made lava lamps using water, oil, food colouring, a bottle and an antacid tablet. It was so fun! The parents also helped us cut open poo [coprolite] so that we know what people ate in the past. (Don’t worry it’s not real poo! We made it using flour, salt, oil, seeds and paint) At the end of the session we were given a science goodie bag with lots of stuff we could make at home like a catapult and slime! It was a really fun week.  By Keira

Play Day

On Tuesday 20th March 2018 we went to Kings House to rehearse some songs on our ukulele that we’ve been learning with Jessica ready for a concert. Other schools in Bedford also came to rehearse. There were ukuleles, djembe drums, j sax, recorders, trombones, trumpets, keyboards and dhol drums. In the afternoon our parents came to watch us play. We were at Kings House all day and had to bring a packed lunch. Everybody had a really good time.  By Natassya