22nd March 2019

Public Speaking Workshops

On Monday 18th March Year 5 took part in a public speaking competition workshop (to prepare for a competition next term).  Hi, my name is Alina and I am a questioner, so I will tell you what I have to do.  When the other team calls you, then you, the questioner, get up and you ask your questions and then the other team answers your questions.  We were debating about whether we should use robots to do our work or whether we should do it on ourselves.  My team was debating we should do things without robots. The other team was  debating for robots to do everything for them.       By Alina

There is a questioner.  There is a speaker.  And there is a chair person.  That is your team.  You have to work together but you also have your own individual jobs to do.  So what happened was, we had a debate on robots and care for kids.  The kids care won… of course, because children are dying and they have bad conditions going around all over the world. The robots just clean for you and do all of the work whereas your children are more important and if your children are dying,  you can’t just sit there and watch your child in pain.    By Molly