23rd February 2017

New KS2 Topic

Our new topic is Superheroes. Heroes are people that do good things and inspire us to be more like them. Superheroes are characters that usually have a power or gadgets.  Some superheroes can fly whereas others may have super strength. Here are some super heroes names; Hulk, Iron man, War machine, Superman, Black Widow, Venom, Wonder woman, Iron spider, White tiger, Hulk girl, Flash. Spiderman is one of my favourite superheroes. Neymar is a fantastic footballer and he is my hero. We are going to learn a lot about electricity and circuits during this topic. By Farhan.


In year 4 we are learning about Fasching. Fasching is a kind of carnival in Germany and they celebrate this to scare away the winter spirits. Fasching starts on the 11th of November where children and adults dress up in funny costumes. There is a parade with lots of music and people dancing and they throw sweets to the crowd. This carnival lasts for 5 days.  The end of Fasching is Shrove Tuesday.  By Arifa