23rd March 2017

Non-cooking Cookery Club

 I am Sondos and I am in year 4.  I am doing a club called  Non-cooking Cookery Club. I am doing it every Tuesday for this term. The first week we made strawberry milkshake and it was so yummy and all the class got to try it. Then we made chocolate crispy cakes and everybody loved it. I was very happy. Next week we are making chocolate milkshake. Can’t wait!

Year 2 Visit Safety Centre

In the safety centre we went to a shop and someone stole then we went to grandpa’s house and there was a fire. Then we went to a building site and someone was stuck in a hole and it was dark. Then we checked the hazards and there were a lot of them that we spotted. After we watched a personal information movie. Later we called 999.At the end we saw a girl in water and saved her. We learnt a lot about safety! By Ishmail