25th January 2018

Aspirations Week

This week is Aspirations week for year 5. We are learning about different professions and what they had to do to get their jobs.

On Monday a nurse called Stephanie came in. She has been working for 40 years now. Even though she retired she still visits and helps at the hospital. She said if you would like to be a nurse you need to have Maths, English and Science qualifications. To become a nurse you will also need some A levels. Then you go to university and study there for 3 years before you are a qualified nurse. You need qualities like compassion, patience and understanding. You also work 12 hour shifts and the money is not very good. Stephanie said that she loves her job and it’s very rewarding. A few girls in our class are thinking about becoming a nurse when they leave school.

On Tuesday we had a semi- professional footballer visit us called Robert Sinclair. He said that although you do not need qualifications to be a footballer you do need qualifications to fall onto if being a footballer doesn’t work out. A footballer’s career is not a long one and can be made shorter if an injury happens. He recommends working hard, getting good grades and keeping yourself fit. With the right qualifications behind you when your career as a footballer ends you can go into coaching or being a P.E teacher as well as other things. Being a footballer involves a lot of training and also a lot of travelling but it is also fun. Lots of boys in our class want to be footballers. They better work hard!

On Thursday we have a female firefighter coming to see us and on Friday we have a journalist coming to tell us what it takes to be in their profession and answer any questions we may have.       By Fatimah