26th May 2016

Community Fun Day

At our Community Fun Day on Wednesday 24th May we had lots of fun and the best thing was that Iva Barr was here. Iva Barr was the oldest person who had ran the London Marathon this year.  She is 88 years old and she still runs.  She is very fit! Iva Barr started running when she was 58 years old so that means she has been running for 30 years. We were very lucky to have Iva Barr at our school at the Community Fun Day.

At our Community Fun Day, there was lots going on. We got to have a go at lots of different games, some of them were: seeing how many skips we could do with a skipping rope, a space hopper race, seeing how long we could keep a hula hoop going round our waist for, sprinting race, basketball, designing a dinner for the Queen’s birthday, throwing beanbags into a box and seeing how long we could stay on a lolo ball.

Yesterday at our Community Fun Day we also had lots of different stalls to tell us lots of information about many different subjects. We had someone from the smoothie bar come with a bike and all of the children got to have a go on her bike; this was to crush all of the fruit while the children were pedaling. We also had someone from the dentist tell us about how to take care of our teeth. Then there was someone talking to us about how to recycle and what we can recycle; they had a bin and it was full of food for us to sort. We now know what to recycle and what can’t be recycled. We also had the police and fire service here.  We got to have a look in a fire engine, which was very exciting!!