26th November 2021

Number Day

For our Number day this year, people wore T-shirts with numbers on them or things that could be counted. The whole day was about numbers and maths. It was basically all about number bonds. Year 5 did activities including number bonds such as making paper chains, playing barrier games and working on worksheets up to 10, 20, 100, 1000 and even more. We had passports to show what we have done already. Every time there was a smiley face on the activity meant that we had completed it. There was a raffle as well. We got prizes for free but needed to complete stuff so that we could get them.  By Rizwan

On Wednesday we learnt about number bonds. We did number bonds up to 1000. We also made a paper chain up to number 20, filled out a worksheet about number bonds and played a fun game called bingo that was about number bonding.  By Hepzibah

On number day our teacher said wear a T-shirt with a number on it or a T-shirt with stars or colours that can be counted. We did number games in our p.e. lesson. Then the whole class made booklets about numbers to give to all the reception children. After going to lunch, we played lots of number games and made straw number sculptures with Mrs. Wakeling. It was a fun day.  By Max and Arthur