27th April 2017

The Priory E-Cadets

The Priory E-cadets are Year 4’s that teach younger children how to stay safe online. The Priory E-cadets are like little teachers.  The Priory E-cadets have lots of challenges to complete and they have already completed one challenge so far. The first challenge was to work with some Year 1’s. We told the Year 1’s not to share any personal information with strangers. We also told the Year 1’s that if you meet a new friend, that person is still a stranger. The second challenge is a surprise, even the Priory E-cadets don’t know what the next challenge is. I’ll be looking forward to telling you what the next challenge is when we find out!  By Raadia

Year 3 Swimming

On Monday 24th April Year 3 had our last swimming lesson.  We are all sad about it because we want go again! I was scared at the beginning but by the end I went in the deep end!  We all can’t wait to go again next year.  By Shafi

Year 4 Speaking Competition

On Tuesday 25th April I had the chance to go to a year 4 speaking competition. Rayhan, Arifa and I were the ones that were chosen to go.  Rayhan was Chairman, Fatimah was Questioner and Arifa was Speaker.  There was a speaker, questioner and chair person competing in every school team. We had to debate these two statements: School Summer Holidays are too long and footballers are being paid too much money. I really enjoyed the day even though we didn’t win. My favourite part was the free drinks and chocolate. We also took a taxi there and back which was a treat.  Next week Raadia, Yuki and Farhan are going too because they were chosen to go to the next  Year 4 speaking competition . By Fatimah