28th June 2019

Fiver Challenge Update

On Tuesday the 25th of June the Year 6 completed their Fiver Challenge between 3:00 to 3:30 selling to parents/carers and children. There were several different items being sold. We had to get into groups of 1 to 4. If you were working on your own you could only have £5 that you could spend but if you were in a group of 4 you could spend £20 if you wanted to. For every £5 we borrowed we had to pay £5 back and an extra 50p. Whatever we had left would be our profit. Here are our profits.

Sean’s Sundaes = £10.91

Slime pick em mix = £22.92

Crumbles = £13.70

Frozen Fun = £14.38

Silly Slime shop = £1.13

Desserties = 9p

Smoothie shake = £4.37

Yummy yoghurts = – £6.50

Treatful Treat Shakes = £3.94

As you can see, there was a lot of variation! After that, we were wondering what to do with the remaining stock so we were brainstorming ideas to find ways to make a maximum profit as a whole class.