29th September 2016

Pizza Express Visit One

Today the 29th September our first lot of Year 1s have been to Pizza Express. When they got inside they felt very happy that they were there. They saw a factory and it was enormous and the staff gave them some special aprons and special hats to wear. The staff first told the year 1s to wash their hands. The staff then gave them dough and they started to mould it. After that they put some sauce on that dough. Next they put some cheese on. Then the staff baked it in the oven. Then it was ready to EAT!!!They enjoyed the experience very much!!! Then they came back to school with their wonderful pizzas to share with their family!

 German Lessons in Year 4

This week in Year 4 we have been learning about German animals. Here are some of the animals we have been learning about.

Die Schlange – snake

Der Hund – dog

Das Meerschweinchen – guinea pig

Das Kaninchen – rabbit

Die Katze – cat

Der Fisch – fish

Das Kaetzchen – kitten

Die Schildkroete – tortoise

Das Pferd – horse

Der Wellensittich – budgie.