2nd February 2017

Ukulele Play Day

On Monday 30th January, Year 4 went to King’s House to perform 3 songs with their ukuleles, along with other schools. The songs that Year 4 played were Hit the road Jack, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and The Blues. Year4 were great! Our parents and carers came to watch us too, I was so nervous! 🙁  We were there all day; it was tiring but fun too!


E-Safety Show

On Tuesday 31st January, Year 4 went to Westfield to learn about E-safety. One of the characters was called Dotty. It was her birthday and she got an iPad. She went online and  made new friends with people she didn’t know.

There was a girl in school who pushed her by accident so Dotty started being mean to the girl on the internet. Because of the things she had done she got sucked up into the internet.

When she was in the internet she learned lessons about cyber bullying. It’s like bullying someone on the playground; they are both bad.

Then she met a man called Virus and asked him if he could help her.  The man said “Ok, but you have to answer 7 questions” and she got them all right so she arrived back at her house.

Then she asked her dad if he could come with her to school so that she could say sorry to the girl that she had been bullying.

By Rayhan A