2nd May 2019

Year 5 Public Speaking Competition

Our Public Speaking Competition was on Tuesday 30th   April. We had it at Bedford School. Bedford School is a really, really big school.  We were against a different school and there was a lot more schools that performed before us. Actually we were the last school to debate. Oh how in the world can I forget my partners? My partners were Alina and Tanya and me [Jaynell].  Our topic was: There needs to be practical hands on support to protect the mental health and well-being of children. Tanya was the chairperson [the main person.] Alina was the questioner [the person that asks the other team’s questions] and I was the speaker [the person who explains the topic to the audience] we didn’t win but at least we won a pen and a certificate. And Alina won the personality prize.  MAYBE NEXT TIME…  by Jaynell

On Tuesday 30th April, Ayan M, David and myself ( Maariyah) went to a speaking competition with the year 5 team. I was the speaker, David was the chairperson and Ayan M was the questioner. We went to a school called Bedford school and we went there by taxi and came back by walking. I felt excited but nervous at the same time as we sat in these cinema type seats. We sat in the chairs and waited until it was our turn. We were the last group to get chosen. We had to vs Bromham Primary school and we felt very nervous. Then we got to have a break. We had smarties and orange or apple juice for a snack. I had smarties and apple juice. Then we were allowed to go to their playground. I saw my cousin and we played and then we went and we sat in the cinema chairs. We saw medals, a box of pens and the trophy, it looked cool, I was excited. Cauldwell Primary School won the trophy, lucky them. We only got a medal and dictionary. Then we went back to school at 12 o’clock . But we get to go again next year and might win!

By Maariyah