3rd May 2018

Year 2 Safety Centre Trip

On Monday 23rd April, year 2 went to the safety-centre in Milton Keynes. They went to learn how to be safe and what they should not do.  Year 2 learnt about how to stay safe near the road. There was a pond and in there was a girl pretending to drown and they had to call 999. Then there was a grandpa trapped in a room with a fire and someone had to call the firefighters.  Last there was a tunnel and a group from year 2 went to the end and they all clapped and a spider fell down.             By Rayhan U Year 5 and Inayah Year 2

Public Speaking Competition

3 people from year 4 went to Bedford School with Mrs Wakeling for a Public Speaking Competition this week. Our topic was to debate that head teachers should teach every class once a week. The awards we could win were pens, medals and trophies. We were debating against Livingstone Primary School but it was Cauldwell who won the competition. It was quite scary being in front of all those people but we were ok. Alina won a book for her personality. We didn’t win overall but we had fun, found out about a very different school and had an experience that we enjoyed a lot.   By Tanya