7th March 2019

German Visitors

On 26th and 27th of February 2019, German adults visited us from Bamberg. The first day they we had visitors, 2 year 6 people went to the office to collect the 2 German adults. When they came to Year 6, the whole class was practicing their German and reminding themselves about the verbs, pronouns, indefinite and definite articles. The second day, another two Year 6 pupils went to collect different German adults (because apparently the recent pupils who had collected the first German visitors didn’t talk a lot)! The new Year 6 pupils gave the German adults a tour of our school. They came inside the year 6 classroom and introduced themselves then they helped us with our German sentences. It was great to meet some more people who actually live in Germany.  They understood what we said. By Rayhan A

Year 2 Safety Centre Trip

On Wednesday 27th February, year 2 went to the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. They went by coach. When they got there they had to do a hard quiz. Then they watched a short film about road safety. After the film they were split into teams with a teacher. Their first activity was electricity safety and they were told not to touch the electricity wire when you have wet hands. After that activity they did water safety, they learned that if someone is in the water you should not help them because you might drown, instead you should call 999. Then they did fire safety and they learned that when someone is stuck in their bedroom you should dial 999. Finally, they did road safety and they learned something very important; look left and right before you cross the road. After a long day at the Safety Centre they went back on a coach, back to lovely Priory Primary school.

By Farhan