Year 6 Filmstars!

On Tuesday 12th March, two amazing film makers from a company called School Readers came in and filmed our class participating in reading, play, literacy and numeracy. Later on in the day, they took three lucky children to be interviewed in the library and the three children were asked why they like reading so much and why they want to encourage other schools to have a reading assistant. It was a really, really fun morning because everyone in year 6 LOVES reading.    By Kayleigh

FREE Easter Eggs

This term in Priory Primary, if you have 100% attendance, you will get an Easter egg. So come to school, even if you feel unwell; take some calpol and if you’re still unwell later we will send you home. Well done to all those that have 100% attendance so far this term.. not long until the Easter bunny delivers those attendance eggs so keep going…

by Yousuf