13th January 2020

John Bunyan Museum

On Thursday 10th January, Year 5 went to the John Bunyan Museum. When we got there, we split into two groups so we could go to the Museum and the Church. My group went to the Museum first and we saw what John Bunyan looked like and Valerie told us all about his life. We heard that he got arrested for preaching without a license and while he was in prison he had a dream that he had to go on an adventure. When he woke up, he started writing about the first part of Pilgrim’s Progress and when he got released from prison he carried on with it.
The Church was very nice and had big organ pipes and we got to stand on the pulpit. The stained glass windows had a picture of what happened in Pilgrim’s Progress. Then there was an upstairs where you could over look what was happening in the Church and 400-500 people could be in the Church at once.

By Sultan Year 5