4th July 2016

Max the German Dog

A few weeks ago year 4 received an exciting parcel. Mrs Wakeling opened it and in there was a teddy dog called Max and lots of pen pal letters for everyone in year 4. We are writing to children who are in Germany and we have sent them a teddy called Thread Bear. While we have had Max we have taken him around where we live and taken pictures so that our pen pals can see what our town looks like.  We have sent some of them to our friends in Germany by email as well. We have also replied to our letters that they have sent us. Our friends are also going to be taking pictures with Thread Bear so we can see what it looks like where they live. We were all very excited to be taking Max out into the town to take some pictures. Now Max is going back to Bamberg in Germany and we are sad…. But we will be happy when Thread Bear is back home!