4th May 2017

Year 2 Church and Mosque Trip

Today Year 2 went to a church and mosque. First we went to the church and I liked the stained glass windows. They were very detailed and colourful. Then we went to the mosque and we saw 2 statues saying Allah and Muhammed. The mosque had 3 floors and a kitchen and a private office. Most of Year 2 liked the mosque and the church.  By Ismah

Year 4 Public Speaking Competition Part 2

On Tuesday 2nd May Raadia, Farhan and I, from Year 4 went to the second public speaking competition. It is a competition when different schools compete in a kind of debate about a topic. Our topic was people who do unpleasant jobs should be paid better. I was the speaker, Farhan was the chairman and Raadia was the questioner. It was a difficult competition but it was still lots of fun.  At the end we were awarded certificates and a triangular shaped highlighter pen. We didn’t win but Raadia did win a dictionary for best personality!!! We were with Miss Broome and had a taxi on the way there and back.  The competition was at Bedford school and the school was HUMUNGUS!!!  By Yuki