4th October 2016

Kempston Outdoor Centre

When I went to Kempston Outdoor Centre, first I went to the rock climbing. I went to the top of the rocks and I was not scared. We had to put our head looking up because our heads were too heavy. Then we had snack time. After that we did crate stacking and when I was climbing, the rope was pulling me up. Then I jumped and I kicked a crate and it fell. Then we had our lunch. After that we did canoeing and I was holding a long stick called a paddle and we had to go for 25m and I was the best! We all got a little bit wet but it was ok because it was fun getting wet. Then we all went to the toilet and got the bus back to school. I can’t wait until year 4 when I can go and do it all again!!  By Rohees.

First I went rock climbing and I got right up to the top. I was a little bit scared.  Then I had snack time. I went crate stacking and I had fun when I jumped down and I kicked the crates down. Then I went canoeing and got a bit wet. Then we had to go home. By Molly.


Ukulele Lessons

In Year 4, we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn how to play a ukulele. We had our first ukulele lesson on Wednesday 5th October.

Our lessons will go on for 2 years! We also get to take a ukulele home to practise. Our ukulele lessons will be on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. We have learnt the parts of the ukulele. The parts of the ukulele are:

The body

The neck

The head

The tuning pegs

The strings

Year 4 will get ukulele lessons in year 5 as well. I hope so because our first lesson was really fun and interesting and I am looking forward to playing a full song on the ukulele. By Fatima.