5th July 2018

Virtual Orchestra

Year 4 went to see a virtual orchestra on Tuesday 3rd  July  . It was down by the river in Bedford.  We went into a tent and we watched some videos of orchestras playing instruments. After that, we wore virtual goggles and became part of a show. They played different instruments. Then we came back at lunch time very hungry. It was really fun.    By Yasmin

Marston Vale Visit

Year 1 went to Marston Vale on Thursday 28th June. We walked to the train station. We collected the tickets and went on the train. It was a really good journey although it was too hot. The year ones got off the train and waited on the bridge.  Then Steve from the Forest Centre came and took us to the Forest Centre .  At the Forest Centre we had a scavenger hunt and were trying to find caterpillars.  There were different types of them which is so cool. Then the teacher took us to a pond to pond dip and find insects. We picked them up with a landing net and put them in a box. We looked in a book to see which ones we had caught.  Then we had a quick drink before another activity, which was to find leaves.  We had to find as many leaves as we could that were listed on a sheet of paper. Then we stopped to have our lunch. Then we had a sheet of sticky paper where we could pick bits of flowers and leaves and stick it to it. It was a good day even though it was hot!        A joint report by Sondos and Amina