7th December 2017

Bunyan Sports Centre Visit (Year 5)

On 5th December 2017 Year 5 went to a sports competition and there were different schools on the coach .When we got there we had to sit in a line of girls and boys. Then we got introduced and we started the competition. First it was the girls then the boys. We did activities like speed bouncing and vertical jump.  We did sprinting first with 4 girls then 4 boys. Then we had a little break and I had 4 bread sticks because I was very hungry. Then we watched the other schools run. They were a mixture of year 6 and year 5. There were 18 schools taking part altogether.  After that we got our score… and we came last. We were a little disappointed but we really enjoyed ourselves so we will practise and try harder next time.                By Sumayah

On Tuesday 5th December 2017 Year 5 went to the John Bunyan Centre. We went there by coach and when we got there, there were 17 other schools that were competing against us and the other schools. Boys and girls were split up. The girls went first and then the boys but there were 3 different heats. Priory was in heat 1 and the other schools were in the other heats. There was lots of cheering from us and the other schools. Then the final sprint was here. The teams had to choose 4 people to do the final sprint with. After that the results came and Priory came…last… well the other schools did have a lot of practise and knew what to expect and it was our first time. Now we know what to expect, we shall be practising and Priory will be better when the Year 5 become Year 6. We had a fantastic morning anyway.                 By Davis