7th June 2018

Sports Competition

On Wednesday 6th June, 4 boys and 4 girls (Rayhan A, Rayhan U, Ion, Madekh, Agyeiwah, Raadia, Zara and Fatimah) from year 5 got to take part in a sports competition at Bedford Athletic Stadium. There were 4 events: Standing long jump, 75m sprint, vortex throw and a 600m run. 27 Primary Schools were invited to take part in the competition.  We came 22nd out of 27 schools and for the 75m race Rayhan Ali and Rayhan U came 3rd, Ion came 5th, Madekh came 4th, Fatimah came 5th, Raadia came 6th, Zara came 4th and Agyeiwah came 2nd .  By Rayhan A

Year 3 trip to Bedford Modern

The Year 3 went on a trip to Bedford Modern School on Wednesday 6th June 2018. They were picked up by 2 minibuses. They walked into a workshop.  They had a junior hacksaw and cut hard plastic to try and make an egg shape.  Then they had a break and a drink. Then they went back to the workshop. Then they got a tool called a file. They put the special plastic in the special holder and filed it. Then they had a lunch break and they had an option. Vegetarians would have a vegetarian meal. Non-vegetarians had pasta with tomato sauce or fish. Both could have salad but no hot food just salad.  They had a play of football and then they went back to the workshop and had a smaller file and they got rid of scratches and they got a special Bedford Modern Eagle and then they stuck it on with a special chemical and made a keyring. It was a great day and learned so much.  By  Madekh and Kayra