8th March 2018

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day, the pupils received a free book voucher and we went to WH Smith with our class to pick a book. We had to wait until the weather cleared though before we could go into town and pick our books because it was too snowy and icy.  I love the book I chose.     By Halima Rahman


Years 3, 4 and 5 have been going swimming.  It is very fun and really good for you. I’ve been swimming before in year three and four. It’s only about a 5 minute walk away from our school so it’s easy peasy to get there. Everybody was getting excited. I was worried but happy because I’m not that good at swimming and I’ll have the chance to get better. When everybody was ready this week, we went to the swimming pool and the teacher told us to swim across the pool. Only three people went into the deep end. Some people went in the middle and the rest went in the shallow end. I went in the shallow end. We were learning how to walk, run and jump across the swimming pool. We also did it backwards. When we were jumping we went under the water. At the end we came out of the pool and we were all shivering until we got dry. It took a while to change into our school uniform. Then we went back to school.     By Humaira


Every week on a Friday for the next 5 weeks, Year 2 to year 5  are having  a qualified teacher who will come in to teach us cricket. Last week, we were learning to throw and catch properly. We also learnt how to hold the cricket bat whilst  running. The teacher was testing us on our reactions. We had to keep our eyes on the ball. We were running, jogging and walking in and out of the cones. We can’t wait till next week!     By Rayhan Uddin

Art with Carole the Artist

On Tuesday 6th March Carol came to Priory Primary to start an art project. 10 arty children were picked to participate in this. Carol was talking about friendship art. The 10 children were thinking about what they were going to do. We used pencils, scissors, glues and different coloured paper and we drew hands, trees, bushes, fruits, shapes and sports. When our art piece is finished then it will get displayed in front of the school where the ks2 block is.     By Rayhan Ali