9th June 2016

Warwick Castle

When we went to Warwick Castle there was a walk up some towers which had 537 steps. When we went up the tower it took such a long time to get up there and when we did we shouted down to everyone who was on the ground. We were very high up. Some people were scared and wanted to go back down. When we got to the bottom of the tower all of our legs were aching. It was good fun.

At Warwick castle we all watched a show that was about birds of prey. They were all eagles! They are very big birds. One bird was called Archie and he was 16 years old.  The other two were called Bruce who was 2 years old and then there was Nikkita. Everyone loved watching the birds as they flew over our heads and you could feel the gust of wind as they flew over you. They also showed us amazing tricks… they were awesome!

We went to the Peacock Garden! We saw 12 peacocks! 2 of them opened their tail to show off in front of us and the lady peacocks. They were beautiful. They had so many colours; green, blue, purple and black.

We also saw a real trebuchet and they showed us how it worked. The man was talking to us while they were getting it ready to fire the big ball.  When they were ready we had to count back from 10 and when we got to 0 they fired the big ball. The trebuchets were used when people were fighting and were trying to knock parts of the castle down in Tudor times. It was AWESOME!!!

At Warwick Castle there was a maze and it was so hard to get to the middle. If we got to the middle we would get a reward! It was a mini passport that we had to get stamped.  Some people found dead ends and some people got lost but we all found the middle of the maze eventually! Everyone got scared when we saw ghost footsteps… but at least they were fake!