9th November 2017

Higgins Heritage Workshop

On Tuesday 7th November people from the Higgins Museum came to Priory for a Heritage Workshop after school. We did ‘throw the world ball’ and we had to say the name of the person you were going to throw the ball to and after that we had a clip board that had questions on for e.g. have you ever been to the Higgins museum? Then people took it in turns to show everyone something that is to do with their heritage. It was really fun and I learnt a lot.  By Lucrezia.

Poppy Appeal

We were selling Poppies for the Poppy Appeal on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The whole school were buying bands, friendship bracelets, poppies and wrist bands.  Lots of people wanted the bands because they are fun to play with. I bought a blue band on Thursday. All money raised goes to the Poppy Appeal.  By Rohees.