29th April 2021

Nursery Visits

Mrs Wakeling chose Umar, Sultan, Mahdi, David, Abbie and Samantha to go to nursery and assist the teachers with the children as a treat for them and us. The nursery children loved it, plus the year 6’s also got an award for being so good. The nursery area has had road markings put on their playground for the children to have even more fun too.


Amazing new playground!

Over the Easter holidays there have been a few changes to the playground. When you come in through the school gates you will be able to see that they have removed some wooden fences inside the school. They have also added new markings to the playground so we can do races and a new court with 3 different sports available to play on it (basketball, football and also netball). In addition to all of that, they have added an extra patch of artificial grass to the grass area (outside of year 5 and 6). It’s all so much better!

By Kayra and Umar


20th March 2020

Oh no!

We have just found at that school is closing and we are REALLY, REALLY upset!!!  All the teachers have given us lots of things to do so that we can keep busy.  Make sure you use Espresso and Google Classroom and Seesaw and TTRockstars!  The school will send text and Seesaw messages about when it is opening again and other news.  That’s all for now. Byeeeee.

By Shima

13th March 2020

World Book Day

All of the classes went to WHSmith this week to pick a free book because it was WORLD BOOK DAY last Thursday. We had a great day where the whole class made a book. The book I chose was an animated version of Star Wars. I love Star Wars so it was easy for me to make my choice when I saw it in the selection at the shop. There were lots of different styles to choose from. Some people even chose the Peppa Pig book to give to their little sisters!

By Shima

2nd March 2020

Kids World

On 4th Feb, year 6 went to Kids World for an amazing trip. It was SOOOOO much fun. We got lots of exercise as well. We were running around playing team games and by the end, the whole class was playing one massive game together because we had the time to get to know each other better. And guess what?!? We all really like each other now. So it was a great trip in so many ways!

By Addi

28th February 2020

Forest School

Forest school has been amazing this term. We have learnt how to make a camp fire, how to make a shelter and how to cook on a fire. It’s really good fun and we get to use knives safely and learn different skills that you don’t learn in class. The best bit was making smores on the fire – they are so tasty! (and taste better because you cooked them yourself!)

by Moaaz

14th February 2020

Skateboard Winners

Last week, some people from Midland Mainline came to our school to talk about safety on the railways now that the route through Bedford is being ELECTRIFIED. It’s really important that people understand they need to stay off of the railway line and away from the area because it is now so powerful that it can kill you even if you are standing 3 meters away and not touching it. Anyway, we drew murals to help show this and they are now displayed up on the Bromham Bridge to help people to understand how to stay safe. 3 people won the main prizes and were presented with magnificent SKATEBOARDS!!! (look in the photos section to see these)

By Addi

10th February 2020

Class Trip

On Wednesday 12th February, Years 5 and 6 will be going to The Place Theatre to watch a film called 2040. This is a film to show what our world will be like in 40 years time if we don’t change our way of living regarding recycling, pollution and other factors. We will be walking there and back. We will let you know more when we return.

By Saahir (Year5)

3rd February 2020

New Builds Around The School

As you may have noticed, there are 3 new buildings that have been placed around Priory Primary.
The first one is outside Years 5 and 6 and is a gazebo which can be used for quiet time during play as well as shade from the sun (when it comes.)
The second one is placed outside Year 5 entrance and will be used as a shop for selling and giving out bread/cakes on Wednesdays.
The third one is a potting shed and is placed in The Garden of Friendship where we will continue to grow plants and vegetables.
We hope you like our buildings as much as we do.

By Sam Year 5

27th January 2020

Football After School Club

On Tuesdays at 3:30 we have an after school football club with Deji.
We have been learning about how to control the ball and do short passes. We play lots of games too. 1 of the games we played are called King of the Rings.
King of the Rings is when you choose 3 to 4 people to tackle the ball off the people that are dribbling the ball and to kick it out of the area. I like this game because it is fun and we have to run fast.
I recommend this club because you play different games to learn new skills.

By Zain (year 5)

13th January 2020

Aladdin Pantomime

On Friday 11th January, the Year 1 and 2 went to watch Aladdin at the Milton Keynes Theatre.
One of the children that went said that they liked it and hoped to go again. One of the girls said her favourite character was Wishy Washy because he did silly things and made funny voices.
During the interval they had ice cream which they enjoyed very much. They all had a fabulous time.

By Miraj Year 5