11th November 2019

Mr Villiers

Mr Villiers, during World War 2, used to go to Priory Primary School. We asked him many questions about how it was back then. He was very surprised about how different the school looked. He told us many stories. He said that one day he saw a bomb going past! I can’t believe how brave he was! It must have been scary. We asked many questions and one was, What is a gas mask? We learnt so much and it was very interesting. He seemed like a great man and he was very nice and friendly too.
By Eliska.



On Wednesday 6th November Year 6, Year 5, Year 4 and Year 2 had a trip to the cinema. We took a long walk from Priory Primary School all the way to Cineworld via The Embankment. When we got there we were given crisps to eat while watching the Addams Family. Most of the children liked the movie because at the end they sang a funny song.
The funniest part was when Pugsley tried to kill his dad by tying himself to a rocket and when he threw bombs everywhere. Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 went on Friday 8th November to watch The Secret Life Of Pets 2. My Opinion about The Addams Family : Out of 10 I would rate it 9.5 The thing that made me uncomfortable was the chair because it kept on hitting me whenever I stood up.
By Rahid