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What’s happening in class? Autumn 2020


This term in Nursery we are spending time learning the routines and boundaries.
Our topic is Ourselves and Our Feelings. We will be talking about different types of feelings and thinking about what we look like and our body parts.
Next half term our topic will be Light and Dark. We will talk about sources of light, nocturnal animals and space. We’ll also look at various celebrations, such as Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas.



In reception this term we are learning our first sets of sounds and some tricky words.  We are learning to blend the sounds together to make words and to segment words into individual sounds.

In maths we are learning to count and to represent numbers in many different ways.  We are learning that when we count the numbers must be in the same order. Each object is given one number name.   We stop saying number names when we have counted the last object.  This number word tells us how many are in a group.    We are going to learn about sorting and grouping and how number can be made from other numbers.
In topic this term we are talking about our families and the people who help us.  We will then go on to learn about the seasons.

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Year One

This term promises to be fun, interesting and hopefully thought provoking for all the children in Year 1. 

In our Literacy lessons we will be exploring some great books this year, starting with Monkey Puzzle and Mama Panya’s pancakes before Half Term. The children will use these lovely stories to learn how to share ideas; recall the order of a story, re-tell a story, begin to understand why and how words rhyme and how to use a story to write a brand new one! Alongside this, they will also be learning how to write, extend and use basic punctuation in their sentences.

In our Maths lessons, the children will be using objects, cubes, counters, words and numbers to improve, secure or deepen their understanding of numbers to 10. We have adapted the way in which we teach Maths in Priory Primary school to make it more fun, practical and interesting for the children in a manner that will deepen their understanding of basic Maths that will benefit them now and in the future. I am sure they are going to really enjoy it.

Our first topic this year is Humans and other Animals, which is fantastic as we also have Ark Farm visiting us this term! This topic will give children the opportunity to consider ways in which they can stay healthy. They will learn about the different parts of the human body and find out more about animals and their babies. They will have the chance to draw a self-portrait, which I’m sure will produce very interesting results and they will learn about some very important ladies from the past, including Florence Nightingale.


Here are some great numeracy games.  Try Number Pyramid, Camel Times Tables and Forest Ordering.


There are loads of great educational literacy and numeracy games at https://www.ictgames.com/


Year Two

In English this term, we will be writing in different styles for example fairy tales, instructions and calligrams. The children will be learning about expanded noun phrases to uplevel their writing. We will have a focus on using interesting adjectives and verbs. In phonics, the children will be learning phase 5 digraphs, alternative pronunciations for graphemes and alternative spellings for phonemes. If you would like to practise reading with your child at home, please use the Teach Your Monsters to Read app. In comprehension, the children will be learning to retrieve information from the text. The children will be looking at the meaning of words and putting events in order. If you would like to help your child with SPAG questions here is a helpful game –https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zd63xyc/articles/zdp4pg8

In mathematics we will cover place value and addition and subtraction. The children will explore different methods for partitioning a 2-digit number. Some examples are place value charts, Base 10, part, part, whole models and place value counters. They will use these methods to support them with addition and subtraction. The children will be learning to add and subtract 2-digit numbers. They will also practise addition facts within 10 and number bonds to 10 and 20. If you would like to help your child with answering different number sentences here is a useful website – https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/kids-activities/fun-maths-games-and-activities/

The first half term the children’s topic will be ‘Humans and other animals’. In this topic, we will be looking at how we can look after our bodies and care for animals in science. They will also learn about important individuals in history such as Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Rosa Parks. The second half term’s topic will be ‘Food around the world’. In this topic, the children will be learning about the location of different countries and why different fruits and vegetables grow in those countries. They will be tasting food from around the world and this will lead to the children cooking a healthy meal themselves.


Year Three


Year Four

Maths – In maths this term we will be looking to identify where children need support and
consolidation of learning post lockdown. We will be learning about place value and securing
understanding of the value of each digit in numbers with up to 10,000.  We will then be looking to use this to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and further use this when rounding to estimate. We will then move onto addition and subtraction using mental strategies to and formal methods to calculate the answer to word problems in everyday and real life contexts. The addition and subtraction will move on to require children to rename in the ones, tens and hundreds columns whilst showing an understanding of why this happens. Throughout the year, we will place great emphasis on ensuring children learning their times tables in and out of order up to 12 x 12 in order to prepare them for the National Multiplication Tables Check. Please support and encourage your child as much as possible and see the links below to help you do this:

English – In English this term, we will again be recalling and building on the children’s learning from last year and identifying where catch up is required. We will spend time this half term looking at different word types and how we can use adjectives to describe nouns effectively. The children will use this to initially describe themselves and their family. They will then create a WANTED poster describing a mythical creature. We will then move on to learning about instruction texts, their features, structure and key vocabulary needed before making smoothies and writing instructions on how to make one! We will look to consolidate and progress the use of correct punctuation when writing sentences whilst developing grammar, spelling and handwriting throughout the year. Post lockdown, we will
place a greater emphasis on handwriting during the day and also as part of weekly home tasks. We will be look at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and writing our own set of instructions, and developing use of vocabulary through writing our own story descriptions for settings and characters focussing on the use of specific nouns, adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Will introduce new types of poetry including Haiku’s and Tanka and then move onto writing formal letters and playscripts.
Please see the links below for ideas on how to support your child at home:
https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ – free eBooks

Creative Curriculum – Our topics in year 4 this term Space and A Grand Day Out.
Whilst learning about Space we will focus on aspects of science when finding out more about the solar system, different planets, types and what they are made up of. We will also investigate space travel and create our own bottle rockets using alka seltzers to create a chemical reaction! We will also be using different types of magnets and investigating materials and properties that are magnetic and non-magnetic whilst also classifying solids, liquids and gases. Children will also have an opportunity to create a series circuit, research the way that astronauts keep fit in space and understand the different stages of the water cycle.
During ‘A Grand Day Out,’ the children will discuss their ideas of what makes a great day out and discuss the places they have visited before. The children will also plan a party and learn about and plan some more traditional days out including, the theatre, cinema, a trip to the zoo, a picnic and sporting events.

Year Five

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Year Six

In literacy this term we will be focussing on inference skills – how to imply meaning through writing and how to interpret this through reading.  We will also be refreshing all of our grammar, including definitions of all parts of a sentence and the use of verbs in different tenses and with various declinations. Finally, we will be making sure we have a full understanding of the difference between fact and opinion – this will also carry through into RE and PSHE.

In numeracy we will focus mostly on numerical accuracy when following through questions which require several steps.  We will become efficient manipulating numbers into millions and using them in context correctly.  Using the new resources we have in KS2 this year, we will make sure that our number work is consolidated for all four functions (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) before moving on to applying them in increasingly complicated scenarios.

Our creative curriculum topics are Natural Wonders and Reporters.  We will use these to explore the world… improving our geographical knowledge and understanding of countries and continents, putting historical creations into context and creating science experiments which help us to understand natural occurances such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

Please look on the website in the children’s area for the link to use all of the Espresso resources for all subjects for free.  Your child has been given a password for this.