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20th May 2021

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Poetry X-Factor

Next week we are having the Poetry X-Factor!  Everyone has been learning their poems ready and it is so exciting because the prize is a whole day to choose what you want to do at school!  There are also lots of book bundles and some art equipment, so it would be great to win any of the prizes really. There will be three judges and Mrs Wakeling is in charge of the competition.  We’ll let you know what happens next week!   By Pati

13th May 2021

Thursday, May 13, 2021


We started a Ramadan charity event at Priory to raise money over Ramadan.  We are washing cars, selling Ramadan cards and there is a raffle prize hamper. Some children have been fasting for the last month, and Ramadan will finish on Thursday.  We will find out on Friday who has won the amazing hamper! By Sameera

7th May 2021

Friday, May 7, 2021


Last week, Year 2 up to Year 6 (but not year 3) went to Trinity Swimming Pool for the first time this year. Everyone really enjoyed going swimming! Some people were nervous but once they were in the water they really enjoyed themselves.  Year 3 will get to go after half term because there were not enough places for everyone to go now.    By Marta

29th April 2021

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Nursery Visits

Mrs Wakeling chose Umar, Sultan, Mahdi, David, Abbie and Samantha to go to nursery and assist the teachers with the children as a treat for them and us. The nursery children loved it, plus the year 6’s also got an award for being so good. The nursery area has had road markings put on their playground for the children to have even more fun too.


Amazing new playground!

Over the Easter holidays there have been a few changes to the playground. When you come in through the school gates you will be able to see that they have removed some wooden fences inside the school. They have also added new markings to the playground so we can do races and a new court with 3 different sports available to play on it (basketball, football and also netball). In addition to all of that, they have added an extra patch of artificial grass to the grass area (outside of year 5 and 6). It’s all so much better!

By Kayra and Umar


20th March 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020

Oh no!

We have just found at that school is closing and we are REALLY, REALLY upset!!!  All the teachers have given us lots of things to do so that we can keep busy.  Make sure you use Espresso and Google Classroom and Seesaw and TTRockstars!  The school will send text and Seesaw messages about when it is opening again and other news.  That’s all for now. Byeeeee.

By Shima