Thursday 16th April

Year 2 visit the Church and Mosque

Year 2 visited the Mosque and Church this morning to learn more about the different faiths. They went to the Church first and some of them said it was a pretty. Year 2 asked a lot of questions and then they got to walk around the church and look at it in more detail. Year 2 then went to the Mosque. Before they went in they had to cover their heads so the girls wore scarfs and the boys had to wear hats. They also had to take their shoes off to keep the Mosque clean. Year 2 asked a lot of questions here as well and then they went and looked at all 3 floors in the Mosque.

Ark Farm visit Priory Lower School

On Thursday 16th April the Nursery and Reception children were very lucky as they had some farm animals come and visit. There was a donkey, 2 lambs, 2 piglets a dog, Baby Goats, ducks, and chickens. All of the children were very excited and they got to stroke some of them. The animals were very soft and some of them were playing with each other.