Thursday 16th November


Next Thursday 23rd October there is going to be a Halloween fair. There is going to be spooky snacks, chocolate apples and spooky masks. It will be lots of fun!!!!!!
Spooky snacks 30p
Spooky masks 30p
Chocolate apples 50p


On Friday 17th October all of the classes are going to have an Eid Party.
Everyone is going to bring party food to share with the class. We can wear Eid clothes or party clothes.
Year 3 are also going to do an Eid assembly. Everyone is invited.


Year 3 and 4 are going swimming and we will be going to the Trinity Leisure Centre. Swimming will start on Friday 7th November and we will be going for 4 weeks. Girls will need: Swimming costume, towel, goggles and a swimming hat.
Boys will need: swimming trunks, towel and goggles.