Thursday 29th January

KS2 Parent Afternoon

On Tuesday 27th January Year 4 and Year 3 had a parent afternoon. The parents could come and play maths games with their children in their classes. In year 3 they had lots of different games on the tables and some of them were challenging. Year 4 made a game with times tables on with their mums and dads.

It was really fun!!!!!



 Captain Safety

Year 4 went to a show called Captain Safety. It was a road show, where someone taught us how to cross a road safely and be safe when we are outside near roads. We learnt a song, here is how it goes:

Heads right, heads left, that’s the way it goes. Stop, Look, Listen and Think, use your green cross code. It taught us how to cross the road safely. It was really good!!!!!!! It was funny too. We had lots of fun and we all want to go again.



Emergency Card

Year 4 did an assembly on the Emergency card today. The red emergency card is for if there is an accident or emergency in the classroom when a teacher is on their own in there with the class. A child will take the card to the office to another member of staff and they will then go to the classroom to help the teacher.