Thursday 2nd October

Welcome Back

We would like to say a big welcome back to all of the children and staff at Priory Lower School. We now have a new blog club with new children that are excited to keep everyone up to date with what has happened in school and what will be happening at Priory. Keep an eye out each week to find out new information.

Kempston Outdoor Centre

Year 3 and year 4 went to Kempston Outdoor Centre. We went on Monday 15th September. It was really fun. We did some canoeing and there were some swans and ducks. We also did some rock climbing and we needed harnesses so we didn’t fall. There were lots of shapes that we had to climb on. We then did some crate stacking and the highest level we got to was 12. We were all very wet as it rained while we were there.


It is coming up to harvest and at Priory Lower School we always collect cans of food and send them to the Salvation Army for all of the homeless people of Bedford. In school all classes have a competition to see which class can bring the most cans. When we do our assembly Hayley comes and collects them and takes them to the Salvation Army. Please send some cans in with your child and help people that need a little bit more than us.


In year 3 and 4 we are learning about empires. The empires we are learning about are:

The Roman Empire

The Inca Empire

The Egyptian Empire

The Aztec Empire.

We are very excited to learn about the empires and find out lots of new facts that we didn’t know.

Keep an eye out and we may write some facts on here that you can look at and learn about.