Thursday 4th June

Westfield Visit

On Thursday 4TH June a couple of people from year 4 went to Westfield to look around for when we go in September. We went on the mini bus and came back on the mini bus. A teacher called Mrs Morsly took us around some parts of the school. There was three other children who came from St Josephs. We saw the P.E teacher. Then we saw the stage where they perform. The head teacher is called Mrs Watts.  We went to the youth club and played games. Then we went to the cafeteria and had free toast. We were back in time for lunch.

Year 3 Visit Bedford Modern School

Year 3 went to Bedford Modern School yesterday to make key rings, we made them with lots of tools and machines. All of us had a great time and we all had different teachers for different parts of the day. We all had a square piece of plastic and all of us took a piece of paper and stuck it on the piece of plastic so we knew which shape we had to make. First we had to saw some of the plastic off and then had to use a file to make all of the edges smooth. After lunch we then had to make sure that there were no white marks on the edges. We then had to drill the hole where the metal ring would go. While some people were finishing this we had the Bedford Modern Eagle stuck onto our key rings. To make the key rings look shiny we had to use some polish and then wipe all of the polish off. We had a really fun day.